Talent Management

Recruit, hire, develop, and retain employees with the qualifications and skills for mission accomplishment


A high-performance organization demands a dynamic, results-oriented workforce with the talents, multidisciplinary knowledge, and up-to-date skills to achieve mission success and competitiveness in its market sector. Because mission requirements, customer demands, technologies, and other environmental influences change rapidly, a performance-based company must continually monitor its talent needs. It must be alert to the changing characteristics of the labor market. It must identify the best strategies for filling its talent needs through recruiting and hiring and follow up with the appropriate investments to develop and retain the best possible workforce. Its compensation and benefits programs, flexibilities, facilities, services, and work/life arrangements should be viewed from the perspective of how well they help they compete for and retain the best talent available and then elicit the best mission performance from that talent. In addition, this talent must be continuously developed through education, training, and opportunities for continued growth. The organization must match the right people to the right jobs by identifying the competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities required for each job or job family.

Key Questions

  • Is there a recruiting and hiring strategy to fill short- and long-term human capital needs? (recruiting and hiring)
  • Are there educational, training, and other developmental opportunities to build employee competencies? (training and professional development)
  • Is the deployment of the workforce appropriate to mission accomplishment and keyed to efficient, effective, and economic operations? (workforce deployment)
  • Does the compensation system help it attract, motivate, retain, and reward the people it needs? (compensation)
  • Are there appropriate flexibilities, and work/life programs to be competitive for talent, enhance employee satisfaction, and foster commitment? (employee-friendly workplace)

Best Practices